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3D video analytics

New generation of computer vision applications are using 3D vision for a more accurate detection, tracking and classification of objects, humans and animals.

XTrust is providing a rich set of products for 3D vision and analytics, inlcuding the terminal (i.e. the device equipped with depth sensor or stereo cameras) and different video analytics applications:

- 3D asset protection:  The  information provided by third dimension is exploited estimating distances of objects and persons in the monitored area.  The application triggers alerts if a predetermined space is violated.

 -- 3D people counting and tracking: The system is tracking the humans moving in the monitored space and counts counts reliably the number of entries and exit of each person in predetermined areas.

-- Fall detector: The application is  triggering an alert if movements of the monitored humans indicate a possible incident.

-  True  face recognition:  The system analyzes the 3D image of  human faces  to detect if faces are hidden or masked before the hmans are entering the  CCTV monitored area.