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XTrust has been established in 2008to build innovative solutions in. the area of CCTV and security.  The XTrust's activity has been characterized by an extensive R&D activity in the field of computer vision, in part financed by the European Commission and by Italian national R&D programs. 

Some of the most relevant projects in which XTrust has been working are the following:

- D-SenS  - 2011/2013:  a research project founded by EU for the benefit of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) with the participation some of the principal European research institutes. The D-Sens-project aimed to provide a common technology platform fro computer vision (CV) systems with the use of depth sensor in addition to regular cameras.

- AMACO (Automazione MAcchine CoOperanti in sicurezza in ambiente aperto) - 2013/2014: project realized in coresearch with Nergal and  NEAT e XTrust to implement the unmanned control of coperating machines in the open field (for agricolture and civil work).  XTrust realized the computer vision sytem on-board for situation awareness and  monitoring of the external environment, based on both 2D and 3D video analytics.

- SMART 3 - 2014/2015:  micro-innovation project focused on the realization of  a multi-service center for  management and control  of SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) in which XTrust realized the tools based on 3D video analytics for monitoring and tracking of customers in the customer's stores.

The technologies developed by XTrust in the area of computer vision represents today an exellence, in particular for the efficient use of GPUs in the video analysis of traditional CCTV videos and for the use of 3D vision for the realization of a new generation of video analytics applications.