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GPU powered video analytics

The VigiView™ platfofm realized by XTrust is an innovative solution for the implementation of vertical, computational demanding, video analytics application. Unlike other video analytics applications that run on traditional servers, it l is executed on a modern cluster of GPUs. Thanks to the internal parallelism of this solution and the efficiency of its implementation, you will get amazing performance from the hardware, reducing the overall cost of the video analytics solution, the room necessary to host the hardware and, last but not the least, the energy consumption.

VigiView™  is thought to be positioned in the datacenter, at the core of the CCTV architecture, closeby the traditional  NVRs, and normally connects to existing video streaming without producing additioanl load for the network. Captured information is immediately processed, and an alert is raised only when a "hit" occurs. 


Detected Events (*)

- Virtual fence - An entity crosses a line defined in the scene

- Loitering - A person stays in an area more than a predefined amount of time

- Queue monitoring - A queue of persons/cars grow over a predefined threshold

- Camera misalignment detection - Detect camera misalignment

- Occlusion detection - Detect camera lens occlusion

- Left luggage Detect - abandoned object in the scene

- Speed control Object’s - speed is over a predefined threshold

- Forbidden direction - An entity is going in wrong direction

- Occluded area - An area is full of objects exceeding a defined threshold

(*) The list of detected events is growing and new event detection capabilities may be released with new software versions.

Flexible configuration

All video analysis functions are parametric and fully configurable to best suit needs of every deployment scenario. A library with presets help the operator to find the best settings, do further refinements and store them for later retrieval.

Interoperable open platform

VigiView™ is perfectly suited for integration into video surveillance systems using IP technology. Interoperability is assured by ONVIF compliance which standardizes communications in the field of video surveillance systems; furthermore the supplied SDK offers the possibility to integrate VigiView™ into third party solutions.

Compelling performance

VigiView™ architecture is able to analyze video streams in the most common formats assuring compelling performances. VigiView™ leverage on the huge computational power offered by modern multi-core CPUs and by fully exploiting accelerated algorithms.